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Executive Security 

Two Days of Thought-Provoking Discussions Presented by Leaders at the Forefront of Industry.

The Board of Executive Protection Professionals (BEPP) is committed to elevating the standards within the Executive Security Operations community.  After years of attending security conferences, it became evident that professionals within our industry deserved a level of engagement and enrichment which was unavailable. This realization led to the inception of the Executive Security Operations Conference (ESOC), founded and hosted by the BEPP.

In contrast to conferences primarily driven by financial motives, the BEPP adopted a principled and rigorous approach to establishing the ESOC. The primary objective is to deliver an exceptional conference experience for attendees, offer maximum value to our sponsors, and uphold complete transparency regarding conference revenue and expenses.  This is not about generating revenue. 

In 2023, The BEPP successfully achieved this objective, and the ESOC not only exceeded expectations but also redefined the standards of excellence in our field.

The Executive Security Operations Conference (ESOC) stands as the premier EP conference, drawing attendees from Fortune 50 companies and countries worldwide. It offers top-tier presenters, content and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Please visit the ESOC website for all the current conference information.

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