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In our ongoing commitment to advance the Executive Protection Industry, the BEPP has curated an expansive digital library, available to the Executive Professional at no cost.


This evolving library is designed to expand with your input and preferences, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for industry professionals like yourself.

Library Sections

  1. Books

  2. Online Resources and Publications

  3. Soft Copy Resources

  4. Business Resources

    • Business Operations

    • EP Professionals 

    • Phone Apps

  5. Emergency Medicine

  6. Physical Security (Assessment, Design, Standards)

  7. Published Articles

  8. Advance Planning and Transportation

  9. Threat Assessment /Workplace Violence Prevention

    • ATAP Resources

    • Public Research/Publications

  10. Digital Privacy 

  11. ANSI Standard for Executive Protection (In Development)

  12. Executive Security Operations Conference 

  13. Top LinkedIn Accounts to Follow​

The BEPP does not endorse the content or resources on this page. This collection of links, resources, and other information is intended for individual use at one's own discretion.
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