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All the presentations from ESOC 2023 are included in the 180-page Conference Presentations Book, which also contains speaker bios and sponsor information.  This book also includes the After Conference - Conference presentations.


Full list of presentations and bios:


  • Bio:  Michael Evanoff

    • Presentation:  Executive Security Advance Operations

  • Bio: James Cameron, CPP

    • Presentation: ANSI Standards and Board Certification for Executive Protection

  • Bio: Scott Lowther, CPP, PCI

    • Presentation: Executive Security Consumer to Vendor Perspective

  • Bio: Michael White

  • Bio: Howard Fisher, Esq

    • Presentation: IRS Code 132 and Executive Security Operations

  • Bio: Jason Bertrand

    • Presentation: Challenges Facing Full Time Solo Practitioners

  • Bio: Dr. Mary Beth Janke

    • Presentation: Mental Health for Security and Protective Operations and Life

  • Bio: Dr. George DeBusk

    • Presentation: Medical Oversight and Legal Considerations for Executive Security Operations

  • Bio: Alan Zajic, CPP, CSP, ICPS

    • Presentation: Incident Reporting and Legal Preparations during Executive Security Operations

    • National Consensus

  • Bio: Dr. Michelle Keeney

    • Presentation: Protective Intelligence for Executive Security Operations

  • Bio: Joe Aurtera

    • Presentation: Current Trends and Considerations for Safe and Secure Transportation

  • Bio: Chris Browning

    • Presentation: TSCM – Airtags and the Technical Threats During Executive Security Operations

  • Bio: Kent Moyer

    • Presentation: Drones and Executive Security Operations


After Conference, Conference Presentations 

  • Presentation: Business Growth Strategies/ Presentation: Explaining ROI and Business Case to Clients/ Presentation: Explaining ROI and Business Case to Clients

  • Presentation: 1099 vs. W2

  • Presentation: Legal Strategies and Contract Language

  • Presentation: Resume Tips and Recommendations

  • Presentation: Personal Branding

  • Presentation: Networking Strategies

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