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Conference FAQ's

Why in Kansas City?

  • Kansas City was selected due to its being situated in almost the exact center of the country, allowing for similar travel time of approx. 3 hours from the West or East coast of the country. 


Why in June?

  • We wanted to hold the conference in the middle of the year, so it would not infringe upon other industry conferences such as ATAP, GSX, and CPC. The month of June was selected as all high school, and college graduations have been completed and will not interfere with Father’s Day, which is several weeks away.

Why the Loews Hotel?

  • The Loews Kansas City was selected as it is one of the newest hotels, opening in 2020, and located just a short walk to the Power and Light District, an eight-block entertainment hub home to more than fifty (50) restaurants, bars, and shops.

Why is the conference only a day and a half?

  • Due to the day and a half format, twelve (12) fifty-minute presentations will be presented without causing major disruptions to the schedules of individuals.

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