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Board of Executive Protection Professionals


Without standards, there can be no improvement


Join us as we take on the task of creating the first Executive Protection National Standard to be registered with the American National Standards Institute.

Creating The Standard

How Can A Standard Help The Industry?

The Board of Executive Protection Professionals is the managing body for this process. The array of contributions by industry professionals who participate in the development of this document is what renders it a Standard.

Can another group create a Standard?

ANSI rarely, if ever, allows for the creation of competing Standards. Since the Board of Executive Protection Professionals has formally submitted and announced its intention with ANSI to create a National Standard on this topic that prohibits others from filing to create a similar or competing Standard.

Benefits of a Standard would include but not limited to:

  • Commonality and standardizing terms

  • Creates continuity in the industry

  • Standardized knowledge base for reference

  • Creates a verifiable source for EP training

  • Increased client confidence in the expertise of the individual charged with their protection

  • Reduce negative public contacts due to a more comprehensive understanding of the profession

What is next?

The BEPP has partnered with Prometric to develop the first of its kind Executive Protection Board Certification. The goal is to create a nationally endorsed Board Certification as opposed to a generic, non-validated certificate of attendance, completion, or training. ​

Individuals would schedule to take an exam with multiple-choice questions administered by Prometric which is professional proctor. Upon completing the exam with a minimum passing score, an individual would earn their Board Certified designation of “Certified Executive Security Operations Professional” (CESOP).


How Do I Get Involved?

Anyone involved in the Executive Protection industry may participate. In addition, individuals and companies that provide services that support the executive protection industry, such as Drone Pilots, alarm system integrators and etc. are also welcome to contribute. ​

Those who participate in creating this Standard will have their name listed in the Standard as a Standards contributor.

The Board of Executive Protection Professionals will be accepting applications for those who wish to be involved in the process. To stay informed of the progress, please sign up on our mailing list to receive regular updates.​

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is comprised of seasoned industry professionals responsible for developing new or revised language for Standards developed by BEPP. This Committee will also approve or reject recommendations made by the Working Group.


The BEPP Technical Committee is the consensus body and will follow the voting procedures.

Working Group

The Working Group is comprised of industry professionals who make recommendations to the Technical Committee for final consideration, revision, and approval. 


Technical Committee Members may also be part of the Working Group

Once a Standard is Approved, What's Next
Our goal is that of widespread adoption of Board Certification in Executive Protection

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