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This Executive Protection Advance & Logistic Guidebook is the culmination of significant experience in the management and execution of protective operations worldwide by several of the industry’s leading practitioners and members of the Board of Executive Protection Professionals.

In keeping with the goals of the BEPP, this guide is intended to provide an informational baseline for the protective advance process, which is a critical element in protective operations.

No guide, manual, or checklist is complete without your own experience and training. By incorporating the principles outlined in this guide with your own protective advance preparations, you should significantly elevate your protective coverage through enhanced operational planning.

As an Executive Protection Professional, you have considerable responsibilities that are often impacted by time, monetary restrictions, technology, geography, and other factors.

This guide is intended to aid you in following a methodical model for completing a comprehensive security plan without unnecessary steps or needless information.

Everything in this guide has a singular purpose: to help you provide complete and effective protective operations coverage.

It’s a dangerous world; be prepared.

Book size information 

Book will fit in most suit pockets
Book length: 5.5"
Book width: 4.5"
Book thickness:  .5"
Pages: 93

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